Fred Brecht
General Contractor
License# 594284

Born and raised in the East Bay, Fred Brecht of Brecht Construction has 20 years of experience remodeling Bay Area homes. He specializes in creative and cost effective home improvement solutions. “We can usually bring about a major change in your space simply by making some adjustments, ” He explains. “By consulting with us early on, we can come up with a complete plan that will give you what you really want, while saving you money in construction costs down the road. “

“Because I do all the drawings, I am responsible for everything—from start to finish. You won’t have architects, builders and subcontractors pointing fingers at each other when problems occur, and you won’t get any unpleasant surprises with your project costing more than you budgeted.”

Fred’s creative design services and thorough planning will save you time and money– especially if you bring him in early on, when you’re just starting. After listening to what you’re trying to achieve, Fred willcome up with a plan that will give you what you want, while itemizing every cost in detail. This means that you’re always in control, and involved at every stage, which will go a long way to eliminating the dreaded “change order” costs.

“We specialize in ‘design/build’ solutions for all forms of residential remodeling, including kitchens, bathrooms, interiors, and additions,” says Fred. “We offer a complete construction service, from blueprints to finished product.”